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A good lease money factor is one that is equal to the current lowest new-car loan APR interest rates.Again, the if we find ourselves over the mileage cap, we simply sell the car to any dealership and avoid it.They ALWAYS have access to legal loopholes that are meant to be exploited by those in the know.Even worse, they scare us into thinking we can only drive a certain amount of mileage before penalties kick in.But the reality is each mile represents about a 5-cent reduction in the residual value of our cars.When you sign a zero down or sign and drive lease,. and is regarded by many experts as the most cost effective way to lease a car. buy, deals, infiniti.

But, when we lease a new car with a high residual value, it can be sold back to any dealer in the world without incurring any lease-end costs.Lease a new Toyota at our Las Vegas, NV dealership today and get 24-month Carefree leasing, No Money Down, and ToyotaCare No Cost Maintenance for the Life of Your Lease.And most lease contracts allow us the same 12,000 miles per year at no extra charge.But savvy people who lease cars negotiate this as low as possible to reduce their monthly lease payment.

Some leasing plans even offer free loaner cars when our car needs maintenance or repairs.

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In the rare case that something breaks, just return it to the dealer for a free fix.Remember to multiply the money factor by 2,400 to get an approximate equal yearly interest rate.It is the remaining value of an asset after it has been fully depreciated.

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And it is calculated at the same time we sign the lease paperwork.Even better, trading in a car helps reduce your monthly payments AND offset states taxes, too.Hopefully I have assured you that leasing a car for life is (almost) always the best way to drive your ride.If gas prices are high, search for cars averaging more than 24 miles per gallon.

And when we sell back our car at the end of our lease, it will boost the worth of our car when we sell it back to the dealership.Finding cars with higher residual values gets us more car for less price.As a result, zero-down lease deals are sometimes just a flashy way to get you through the door.Click here to see the residual value of all cars sold in the USA.Auto Leasing and Car Leasing, Get out of a Car lease, Lease Assumption, short term car lease and Used car lease transfers with Auto LeaseTrader.Quirk Chevy has been offering the best deals on a zero down lease near Boston for years.

Thus, I do not recommend negotiating this value as we will owe the difference at the end of the lease.Most people who lease think they are stuck paying the MSRP sticker price of a new car.Ford Lease Specials, Lease a Ford. the list below to find car deals.Let me repeat this, because it is the secret to get more car for less money.And do not even think about getting a coffee stain on the seat.Instead, I focus on the lowest monthly payment at 36 months (that retains a residual percentage of at least 55%).Some of the sweetest car lease deals have dried up -- especially since automakers began offering zero-percent and low-rate financing to entice buyers.

This includes the principle (the total cost of the car) plus interest (the amount the bank charges us for borrowing money).And they say if we go over this amount, we can pay 10 to 50 cents a mile as a penalty.Sometimes the amount owed includes the lease residual amount, sometimes not.For example, a Money Factor of 0.003015833 is approximately a 7.24% yearly interest rate.Never forget it is best to invest as little cash as possible in a depreciating asset.

Zero Down Car Leases. The cheapest car lease deals come from these special promotions.

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Instead of a down payment, apply cash toward a Multiple Security Deposit.Audi Lease Specials. (zero) down best lease deals and specials, short term car lease.But the good news is when we sell our car back to the dealership, mileage overages do not apply. (See above on how to sell back our leased car instead of turning it in).

The good news is you can sell back your leased car to a dealership and roll into a cheaper lease.One of the reasons it pays to lease a car with high residual value is we can sell back our car for a tidy profit.But when we exploit the benefits of leasing (and avoid the common traps), we are able to drive a lot more car for a lot less money over our lifetime.

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Discover featured incentives, offers and lease deals on Chrysler vehicles near you. car-seat 8.

As long as we lease a car for life, we never have to worry about mileage overages and damage to our car.In fact, we never have to worry about anything (except wiper replacement blades and window fluid).Rumor says we need good credit to either lease or finance a car.Higher residual values give us more car for less monthly payments.

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The penalties for ending a lease early are clearly spelled out in the leasing contract.This is why leasing is (almost) always cheaper than buying a car.